The City of Naples has a great historical, artistic and cultural heritage, which has had a great influence on the aesthetic sense, creativity and culture of its people. Over the years, the Neapolitan tailoring tradition has created a dynamic fashion industry with a strong potential. Naples has an incredible tradition in high fashion products and this Neapolitan tailoring expertise is  known and appreciated all over the world; In the midst of this expertise, exists a large number of smaller enterprises, less known, but characterised by the same manufacturing excellence as the larger and better known.
So that the fashion system in Campania gives interesting business opportunities for foreign business in at least two distinct market segments. In one segment, there are the prestigious brands of “haute couture” that are known worldwide; in the other, there is "affordable luxury", where the fashion supply chain includes and combines in the right proportion, style, quality and quantity, features that make it competitive in national and international markets. 
These two segments are the two major factors for the growth and the internationalization of the Italian fashion system. 
Using this premise, ICE - the Italian Trade Agency launched the international event «Naples meets the World», within the Export plan for the Convergence Regions of the South (Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily).
This event, in cooperation with the local authorities, the Industrial Union of Naples and trade associations, aims to promote the local fashion industry to a select group of international buyers and press.
The event
The event will be held in Naples November 10-11, 2016.  Through a varied programme, 80 stakeholders will have the opportunity to meet 65 Neapolitan fashion and accessories industries.